About The Hawks

The Vegas Valley Hawks ABA Basketball team is a sports Entertainment Company dedicated to bringing a winning ABA Championship to the Vegas Valley; developing diverse new basketball fans, providing superior entertainment, and providing service to the communities in which we reside.

We will achieve our mission by conscientiously working to emphasize our core values:

  1. Inclusion in all things and a team that represents the diverse nature of Vegas Valley

  2. Mutual respect for one another, commitment to excellence, integrity and class in everything we do.

  3. Make Vegas Valley  a better place to live through our involvement in social causes and community

  4. Create an atmosphere that places sponsors and fans first by deliver quality experiences in our daily

  5. Honor and embrace the foundation of the ABA experience by involving our guests holistically in game
    day activities as active participants —not merely observers of the game.

  6. Foster an environment that makes ABA basketball a popular and prominent sport in the Vegas Valley  .

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